Ohledně účasti na těchto akcích se prosíme vždy obracejte přímo na uvedenou kontaktní osobu. / Please contact directly the person in charge (kontaktní osoba) to join the following events.

Iara Martinez: Yin Yoga practice and Somatic Yoga (v angličtině), every Wednesday 08:45-10:05 am

Kontaktní osoba: Iara Martinez, transformationandhealing@hotmail.com,
 +420 777 978 581

 Yin Yoga has the power of being deeply therapeutic. We get access to energetic channels, called meridians in Chinese Medicine. From this ancient approach to Life and health we understand better what means to have a balanced life The elements, the organs.In another hand we go through deep stretching, this will most likely release holded tension in the tissues . We release, we observe, we re-pattern.And... because of the slow rhythm, we practice mindfulness, it's like meditation. So we develop skills that support our daily lives.It's definitely a practice that promotes Love and Peace.

Somatic Yoga Somatic practices are about getting to know ourselves more intimately. From the Greek root of the word "soma" as "the living body in its wholeness"Through this practices we notice that the living body is able to be aware of itself. And that there is inherent wisdom within us.Yoga is a Somatic practice but often it is offered and practiced in a way that doesn't lead to embodiment. Rather than feeling and experiencing ourselves, someone is telling us how to move and then we "do" the movement without actually feeling it.Through the practice of Somatic Yoga we release the sense of "doing" and allow a more experiential approach. We listen our internal rhythm, voice, instinct, inner knowledge and we move. Aware of our resources and also our weaknesses. Be ready for great transformation!!