30/09/2018 08:00

Zen day

Dojo v Proudu cordially invites you for the day of zazen with silence in Lotus Centrum on Sunday September 30th between 8:00 and 17:00 (arrival 7:45). Contribution for the day with warm vegetarian lunch 100 CZK, contribution for Lotus voluntary. Register...

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08/11/2018 18:30

Zen sesshin

Dojo v Proudu cordially invites you to the traditional zen sesshin with silence planned for 8-11.11. (Thursday evening to Sunday, beginning at 18:30, later arrival is possible). Venue to be confirmed, it will be either in Ptenin or in the Snehov. Low pricing secured. Register at info@zazen.cz.

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01/12/2018 10:54


https://www.centrumlotus.cz SECTIoN NOVINKY

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Civic associations Lotus a Buddhist center of Prague- was founded in March 1997 as a politically independent body. It brings together the principleof voluntary people mainly focused on deepening of interest spiritual side of life with emphasis on Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice.Lotus supports and builds cross-cultural contacts and understanding between different ethnic lines based on the principle of peaceful coexistence of nations. Spread understanding of eastern philosophy, religious and cultural teachings. Organizes workshops, a library, organizes lectures, seminars and  meditation concentration.


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Dlouhá 2
110 00 Praha 1
IČ 67982433

+420 732557311

Tranparent Account

                                                           Rental Lotus Space

Long and short-term rental of Lotus space is available to qualified instructors. Lotus is one of the first places in Prague to practice yoga and organize sessions of personal development. The center is used by groups interested in the spiritual and esoteric activities and Yoga practice. Currently, the center has undergone extensive refurbishment. Available are non-slip mats, meditation cushions, blankets and CD player, audio technology with the posibility to record your event. Furthermore, lockers, kitchen and tea room. 

For more information e-mail lotuscentrum@gmail.com