7.8.2020 - 16.8.2020

Meditation Mettā & Vipassanā

with Visu Theo

 Meditation centrum Shanta Vana Mala Skala

Visu Teoh has been practicing Dhamma since 1982. He was born in Penang in Malaysia, originally working as a journalist, and for 17 years he was a Theravada Buddhist monk. He practiced meditation under the guidance of many prominent teachers such as Sayadaw U Pandita, Sayadaw U Lakhana, and bhante Sujiva. Visu currently teaches meditation in Europe and Asia. He will this year be in the Czech Republic for the tenth time. Visu puts great emphasis on integrating dhamma into everyday life, as well as cultivating loving-kindness, joy, and happiness on our path to freedom.

10-day retreat price: 7000 CZK - includes vegetarian breakfast, lunch and light dinner, accommodation and translation.

The course is held in compliance with noble silence and 5 ethical rules. Every evening is given Dhamma talk and meditation instruction.

Course application:

Please send the application form by email to the organizer: Julie Honysova (you can also call the number 732 643 016), email:

More detailed information about the retreat and its schedule, what to bring and how to get there etc. will be sent to you about a month before the retreat starts. The structure and course of the meditation course is described in detail at Visu's website HERE

Upon agreement with the organizer, attendance may be shorter than 10 days.

 The place for the course is reserved for you after the deposit has been paid 2 000 CZK to account: 2400252847/2010. Supplement 5 000 CZK / CZK to the same account until 30.7.2020

When paying a deposit, please provide your name.