Lectures and workshops

Thursday 5th December 2019

6 : 30 p.m.

Talk with Zen Master Bon Shim

The Talk will start with a brief introduction of Kwan Um zen group's practice and its implementation to everyday's life. The main part of the Talk gives everyone an opportunity to ask Bon Shim any question. The Talk is in English with Czech translation.

The entrance is free. You can enhance your generosity.

Zen Master Bon Shim (Aleksandra Porter) has been a direct student of Zen Master Seungh Sahn since 1978. As a ballerina, she devoted herself to a professional dance. Later she became the abbot of the Zen Center in Warsaw, lived here with her family and learned to combine family life with everyday meditations in the Zen Center. Then she also practiced individual night practice. In 1992 she received Inka from Master Seungh Sahna and later the Dharma transmission in 2006 from Zen Master Wu Bong. In Poland she regularly leads long retreats (kyolce). She teaches in Eastern and Western Europe. Recently she also visited the USA and Korea. She is an active member of the Polish Union of Buddhists.