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Ananda yoga - contact person: Libuše Majznerová

Balancing Yoga - contact person: Lara Martinez

Happy Mind - contact person: Eva Prokešová

I'm a lecturer and a consultant. Guide to personal transformation. I lead people to self-knowledge, to themself, to their true selves. Because when we are ourselves, we are the most satisfied and bring the most to the world and all around. We live ourselves.

* I organize meditation seminars. Two-year cycles where we discuss with clients life by topics and make changes.

* I conduct client consultations. I meditate with face-to-face clients over their current problems.

* I go to meditation retreats around the world. There, far from the daily routine, we give ourselves time. In Bali, Madeira, Japan.

I know about personal transformation: I originally graduated from the University of Economics. Then I experienced the corporate world that gave me professionalism. My motherhood sent me on the path of personal development. Since then I have been for thirteen years as a freelance teacher and consultant. I do what I enjoy. A hobby & profession in one.

Yoga and meditation - contact person: Josef Skuhrovec + Hanka Balounová

Yoga is the path to ourselves, to conscious Oneness with our true Self, to Oneness with the Cosmic Consciousness that has always been there, will always be, and is right now! Emphasis is placed on the spiritual side of yoga. The beneficial effects on the physical and mental levels are only a side effect in this context. Beginners and advanced students are welcome as the lesson concept goes beyond these categories.

Ha-tha yoga and pranayama take care of the physical, mental, emotional and pranic body, remove energy blocks and imbalances, cultivate and harmonize the whole system. At the same time, it develops the ability to concentrate, focus attention, and alert to the present moment. Meditation is the last technique that will take us to the goal of yoga - the state of Oneness with the Absolute, who is beyond all techniques.

I cordially invite you to practice Yoga and meditation together

Contribution 250,-Kč is collected on the spot. The number of participants is limited.

Pranayama - contact person: Jana Mikšíčková

Private yoga - contact person: Petra Stupková

Private yoga for medics - contact person: Tereza Vozárová

In today's world of modern yoga, I try to preserve the classical principles and elements that have been known for millennia. I believe that everyone will find their own in my lessons. I recognize yoga not only as an exercise but as a philosophy and a lifestyle, which is also reflected in my lessons.

It should also be emphasized that I attach great importance to breathe. The breathing exercises are just my lessons. You don't have to worry about sweating.

To conclude, together with me you will stretch and strengthen your body and spirit.

I look forward to seeing you!

Qi Gong - contact person: Petra Cempírková

Satori Breathing - contact person: Martin Bartošek

Tai chi - contact person: Petra Cempírková

Tantra yoga - contact person: Katka Lenka Lorencová

Vinyasa yoga - contact person: Laura Crowe