Venerable Pavesa was transported from Colombo to Czech rep. on 17. July 2019. 
On June 13 Lotus sent 3 540 EUR to Sri Lanka.

On July 8 Lotus sent 3 540 EUR to Sri Lanka. 

The financial collection was closed on July 31. 2019. We collected 218 712 kč.

We would especially like to thank to venerable bhikkhunī Visuddhi, v. bhikkhu Vineete and v. bhikkhu Kavidaja. Special thanks is to Juraj Porubský who paid airtickets from Colombo.

We thank Prof. A. Karunaratna, Ms. Dr. P. De Zoysa, Ms. Komi Mendis and Mr. Weerasinghe.

You can get more information about v. Pavesa on tel mumber + 420 777 813 354 from his mother Zdena Kovarikova ( only in Czech). 

Transparent bank account Fio banka: 230 1666497 / 2100