Our brother Ven. Pavesa who is in a danger of life is currently in a state hospital in Colombo. He was in coma, now awake but he loses his consciousness.  If you can not donate money           ( to cover his medication, care attendant, possible transfer to the Czech rep.) sit down please and send him loving kindness and compassion as he used to do to the all of us. 

Transparent account KB bank


IBAN CZ0901000001158725780207


Venerable Pavesa is still in a medical recovery. On June 13, 2019 he was
transferred from a state hospital in Colombo in Sri Lanka, to a private
clinic where he will undergo more specialized treatment, medical therapy
and physiotherapy. His transportation to the Czech Republic will be
possible at the earliest in 2-3 months. Ven. Pavesa is fully conscious, is
communicating, but is still bedridden. 

The current care at the state hospital was billed with the amount of 730 EUR (in the period from May 27
to June 13). The private care that is beginning on June 13 costs 146 EUR
per day or 1 022 EUR weekly.
Between May 27 and June 13, 2019, the total of 6 460 EUR was raised by The
Lotus Center in Prague. On June 13, Lotus sent 3 540 EUR to Sri Lanka. 

The financial collection will close on July 31. 2019.

We thank all donors for their
generosity. We would especially like to thank venerable bhikkhunī
Visuddhi, venerable bhikkhu Vineete and venerable bhikkhu Kavidaja. 

We thank Prof. Amal Karunaratna, Ms. Dr. Piyanjali De Zoysa, Ms. Komi Mendis and Mr.
Weerasinghe in Sri Lanka. Mettā Karunā Sevena, 

The Lotus Center and Family.