Meditation in action yoga with Yustin Castillo 6 pm

Meditation in action yoga with Yustin Castillo 6 pm

  This is an invitation to become familiar with the sensations in the present moment. By bringing awareness to the sensations in the body we can learn to listen to the inherent intelligence within us all. This sensations will guide us, moment to moment into the postures safely. We learn to activate the universal actions of yoga posture practice in a progressive system.  We flow softly through postures, continually repeating the actions and movements, so as to create new neuromuscular pathways of integrity.  We awaken the body through the sensations that are generated, so that effortlessly and sensitively we can come into stillness.  
  This is a unique method that benefits anyone, no matter what their physical abilities or experience might be.  The Method has been developed over 30 years by Godfrey Deveraux, author of Dynamic Yoga, Hatha Yoga Breath by Breath,15 Minute Yoga and The Elements of Yoga.  
Yustin has over 500 hours of training with Godfrey Deveraux and has been teaching the method for 5 years.  She invites you to join her on Tuesdays at 18:00hrs. for 90 minute session in the lovely quaint room of the Buddhist center  on the 4th floor. This is a small setting and it allows for 7 people max. Please make a reservation at or +420 608621426



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