Daily retreat with Jeff Oliver 2017 in Lotus July 30 - August 4

Daily retreat with Jeff Oliver 2017 in Lotus July 30 - August 4

A daily life Retreat is an opportunity to live the teachings. One of the best parts of this Retreat is when people feedback their daily, real life experiences to the group which then inspires us and explains the teachings in more depth and detail.

This Daily Life Retreat is for cityfolk who can't go for an intensive retreat.
In the centre of the city, we start early anytime between 06:30 and 08:30 with silence, tea drinking, mindful movement, stillness and sharing Truth. Then we eat our bring and share breakfast together and go about our daily life only to return in the evening  (if possible) between 18:30 - 20:30 to reflect on our days' lessons and practice together. The session times are not fixed, you can come anytime and leave whenever you want. There are no interruptions in Vipassana, only new objects of awareness!
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Jeff Oliver began practicing vipassana meditation in his country, Australia in 1992 and ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1993. After disrobing in 2002 he became a freelance meditation teacher conducting retreats in various countries in Asia and Europe including Turkey. He has shared his experiences and wisdom every year in the Czech Republic since 2008. This daily life Retreat is a regular feature of his visit to Prague.



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