22.07.2016 15:04

Prague Freestyle Daily Life retreat with Jeff Oliver, Jully 25-29

I believe our REAL meditation is in our daily life, with our problems, stress, fears, emotions and the "busyness" of life!

This daily Life retreat is for cityfolk who can't go for intensive retreat. In the heart of the city, we start early anytime between 06:30 and 08:30 with silence, tea drinking, mindful movement, stillness and truth. Then we eat a healthy bring and share breakfast together and go off into our daily life with some MINDFUL reminders fresh in our minds. In the evening between 18:30 and 20:30 we return if possible, to share our lessons and experiences from the day of mindfulness and to practice together again. ~~~ LIVING & LEARNING ~~~
* There is no fixed start or finish time, come and go as you please.
* There is no continuity between sessions, so you can skip any or come to all!
* All sessions are by donation to help pay for the teacher's travelling expenses.

Jeff Oliver is an ex Buddhist monk (1993 - 2002) from the Myanmar Theravada Vipassana Tradition. Sharing in many countries and developing this freestyle daily life approach for modern seekers of Truth, his style is relaxed and friendly yet deep and profound.





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