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POWER OF THE MIND - Starts January 14th, 2019


Basis of Buddhist practice with guided meditation

This course covers central topics of Buddhist teaching and is aimed at an Englishspeaking group. Sessions consist of theoretical part followed by a guided meditation.These evening sessions are opened for newcomers who would like to comprehendthe Buddhist philosophy and to practice living a happier and balanced daily life.Advanced meditators are welcome to share their experience.

Topics covered during sessions:

1)History of Buddhism and what Buddhism can offer to contemporary life

2)Four nobel truths – the core of Buddhist teaching

3)Eightfold path – the way to wisdom, freedom and hapiness

4)Types of meditation: samatha, vipassana, visualisation, koans, bramhaviharas

5)Mindfullnes in meditation practice and daily life, four basis of maindfulness

6)Here and Now: through Awarness-Gate to wisdom and freedom

7)Obstacles in meditation practice and how to overcome them?

8)Uninvited guests – how to cope with difficult emotions and obsessive thoughtsin meditation

9)Teaching of dependent origination

10)Awakening stages and insights into three existance characteristics


The course is donation based, recommended donation from 150czk per session on the spot. The number of participants is limited. 

To ensure your attendance, you can register by prepayment of 1200Czk toregister by prepayment the account number: 5369855001/5500

From January 14th, 2019
Every Monday from 6.30pm-7.30pm

Register on our FB lotus.centrum: Power of the Mind or with the tutor:

Fran Lomsky


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