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Mindfulness retreat | February 17-24, 2019

With Maria van Balen & Lot Heijke

A silent group retreat offers a unique possibility to practice together, deepening your experiences and supporting the development of insight. Suitable for those relatively new to meditation, as well as for more experienced meditators. This is a secular Mindfulness retreat, which means it is offered without traditional (buddhist) forms and rituals. The retreat will be taught in the style of the western insight meditation tradition, with sitting and walking meditation and yoga. We will be in silence for most of the time. Guidance, talks as well as (personal) interviews are being offered throughout by the teachers. 

Lot Heijke and Maria van Balen, mindfulnessteachers and -trainers, yoga and meditation teachers.

The retreat is open for participants with (some) meditation experience, for instance, the 8-week mindfulness training (MBSR / MBCT). When in doubt, please contact us per email.

February 17-24, 2019. We start in the late afternoon of Sunday Febr. 17th, and end with lunch on the closing Sunday. 
Fee for the whole week when staying in a single room: E 305; and E 295 when staying in a shared room.
The fee includes room and all food & drink during your stay. This retreat is dana-based. This means that only travel and accomodationcosts of the teachers are covered, but not their teaching. At the end of the retreat you are invited to practice dana (= make a donation for the teaching). You can read more aout dana below. 

The retreat takes place in Skalka, at approx. 1 hour from Prague, with single and shared rooms and dorms. A ride share service will be offered closer to the start date of the retreat.

What is Dana?
This retreat is offered on the basis of dana - a term from the buddhist tradition to offer teaching as an act of generosity. The fee you pay for the retreat week covers the costs of your room and food, plus the teachers’ accommodation, food and travel only. The teachers receive no payment. At the end of the retreat there is the opportunity for participants to offer a donation for the teaching, supporting the teachers and their work. Dana (free donation, or gift) is a practice for both the giver and the receiver, and it can be a very joyful one.

Register here: https://www.presentmind.net/registration-mindfulness-retreat/





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