22.09.2014 16:56

Dynamic Yoga Method with Yustin Castillo - úterý 18:00 - 19:30

Dynamic Yoga Method is an invitation to become intimate with what is present. Through repeated movements we rediscover our inner wisdom. We awaken our bodies through the sensations that are generated and so that effortlessly and sensitively we can come into stillness. This is a method than can be applied to any style of yoga posture practice. It is a unique training method that benefits anyone, no matter what their physical abilities or experience might be. The Method has been developed over 30 years by Godfrey Devereux, author of Dynamic Yoga, Hatha Yoga Breath by Breath, 15 Minute Yoga and The Elements of Yoga. Come to enjoy the delight of a nourished body Yustine welcomes you to join her on Tuesday evenings 18:00­19:25 for open introduction to the method. It is possible to contact her by mail at
The classes are led in English but can also be guided in Spanish. There is no set fee for the lesson, it is left to student's practice of generosity.





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